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Human-like Robot Controllers for Enhanced Motor Learning (HRCEML)

IRB Protocol Number STU00212684


Grace Hoo 312-238-4548)


The Shirley Ryan AbilityLab is seeking healthy adults to study how humans interact with robots to program human-like behavior.


This study involves an ankle robot and a lower limb robotic suit that track movements; participants may test only one robot or both.

If testing the ankle robot, participants will wear the robot on their dominant foot and move their ankle while sitting.

If testing the robotic suit, the participants will wear the robotic suit on both legs and the hips, and perform various movements like standing, squatting, or walking.


Who Can Participate

 Healthy participants must meet the following criteria:

  • English speaking adults
  • Ages 18-80
  • No history of neurological disease or injury
  • Available to come to the AbilityLab for up to five 4-hour visits



Participants will be compensated up to $15 hr. for their time and effort if eligible and chosen for the study.

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