About Free Screenings with Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Experts


Over the last few months, everyone has made adjustments to their routine, however big or small. From changing fitness regimens, working from home, and now slowly returning back to sport, many of these changes can impact your mind and body. 

With new changes, new questions and problems are sure to follow: 

  • Is it safe to perform squats with a backpack full of canned goods? 
  • How should I set up my work station at home?
  • Is my running posture efficient as I increase my mileage? 
  • Can I jump right back into my usual rock climbing routine?
  • How can I improve cutting and agility in my sport? 

If you asked yourself any of these questions recently, you know that finding the right answer can be difficult. 

But now, you’re in luck! For a limited time, you can schedule a 15-minute, one-on-one virtual screening with one of Shirley Ryan AbilityLab’s expert physical therapists. Here are some examples of the assessments we are offering:


  • Home work station assessment
  • Posture assessment

Sports Medicine

  • Baseball/softball: swing assessment
  • Baseball/softball: overhead throwing mechanics
  • Cycling: bike fitting
  • Golf: swing assessment
  • Golf: warm-up and cool down
  • Running: mechanics assessment (treadmill required)
  • Running: post-run stretches
  • Running: pre-run warm up
  • Tennis/racket sports: swing assessment
  • Tennis/racket sports: warm up and cool down

Women’s Health 

  • Breastfeeding posture
  • Labor & delivery preparation
  • Posture for infant care

Don’t Wait

Our expert therapists can give you their input on how to perform many of the movement tasks you may have questions about now. 

What to Expect

Similar to our virtual TeleHealth options, we will send directions on how to join one of our therapists in their virtual screening room once your screening is confirmed. We use a video application through a phone, computer or tablet, which allows us to hear and see our patients. All that we need from you is a safe, well-lit space to move around and a camera on a device listed above.

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